Performance Testing

Bar chart business growth Testing helps to realize the great need of any application to fulfill users’ requirements. But it is difficult to give the clear definition of application performance. It can be explained as the speed of the servers respond or the operation efficiency of the application used by thousands of people at the same time.

What Are Basic Elements of the Appropriate Application Performance?

  • Users of this particular application.
  • Data, which this application contains.
  • Environment of testing.

The whole work of software testing company is oriented to user. On the one hand, testers should know well the peculiarities of user’s behavior while performing this or that operation. On the other hand, testers should have the idea of app operation itself, before performing software testing.

Cooperation and exchanging of the information are the foundation for a successful software development process. In this case, the key point is metrics of chop and change users’ needs.

images (5)Nowadays, the data amount is so large that there is a need to manage it. Though, some data is often disregarded and some information is considered to be not essential. For any testing to be effective, for example, system testing, automated testing, multi-platform testing etc., the presence of test data and its amount should be tracked. This principle is also well demonstrated while unit testing, when data is generated to control the validation routines.

With the course of time, the applications operate with bigger and bigger amounts of data. But the performance is not developed with the same speed. That is why it is necessary to test application with true-to-life data quantity to know the true app performance.

What is Important for the Effective Application Development?

  • Data (it is the actual reason for producing the application).
  • Servers.
  • Networks (their types and quality of connection).
  • Clients.